The Quest to Dolor

Trouble in Khaleville

The party arrived at the carriage company’s waystation at about two in the morning, where they successfully plied the stationmaster for a little information about Morris Thornhide, Lord Kyne, and background of Angelhold. However, their “forestborn” stomachs were no match for the somewhat skanky waystation food, and they all got violently ill. The driver, thankful for having been resurrected, took them to his home village of Khaleville, where his wife cured them with some potent medicine. The medicine knocked out Drizz’t and sapped the energy of the rest of the party, so they elected to spend the night in the village. They woke up at noon the next day to the sound of a tax collection gang from Angelhold demanding goats from the villagers’ herds, which had been depleted by nightly attacks from some unknown beasts. The party hid in the house until the gang left, bought some new gear from an itinerant salesman, and headed for the grazing fields, where they waited until nightfall.

At dark, three shambling zombie hulks showed up and began snapping goats’ necks and stuffing them in sacks. The party successfully engaged and defeated the zombie hulks. Ziggy, who was nearly felled right away, was essential to the victory, as his radiant attacks do massive damage to undead foes, and his holy ground protected him and the wizard. The party tracked the zombies back to an underground cave, which they identified as being a cell of the Cult of the Serpent Lord. Glader disarmed the traps and Drizz’t opened the magically sealed door. Chanting could be heard down a distant passageway, and the party readied themselves.

For defeating the zombie hulks, each party member gets 350 XP. For plying the stationmaster and the woman for information, each party member gets 100 XP. For disarming the trap despite Drizzt’s interference, Glader gets 150 XP For unlocking the magic lock, Drizzt gets 125 XP. For extreme distinction in battle, Ziggy gets 100 XP.

No treasure was discovered on the zombie corpses.



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