The Quest to Dolor

Hive of the Serpent Cult

The party made their way down the corridor into the unholy, stinking cavern of the Order of Shauss-Thisska, the Serpent Demon, known locally as the Cult of the Serpent Lord. The smell of rotting corpses nearly overpowered the party, but they steeled themselves and pushed onward. They easily slew the frozen zombie hulk raised by a priest in the front room. However, the priest escaped to the main sanctuary, with one of Glader’s shurikens embedded in his shoulder. After bashing down the doors to the sanctuary, the party faced a furious gang of cultists. The priests kept the cleric mostly incapacitated by turning him into a garter snake, while the acolytes mercilessly beat up the wizard and rogue. The chief priest of the hive summoned a horrifying spectral serpent that nearly killed the party. When the acolytes were all slaughtered, the high priest escaped through a door at the back of the sanctuary. Thus the party managed to come out victorious, and even subdued one of the priests, whom they bound with ropes and are preparing to interrogate.

For defeating the enemies, each party member gets 787 XP. For subduing one of the priests for questioning, Glader and Ziggy each get 50 bonus XP. For sacrificing temp HP to keep the party from geting attacked by that damned snake again, the wizard gets 25 XP.

On the altar, the party finds a magical, frosty scroll with a rune emblazoned on it. The wizard reads it and realizes it will upgrade Ziggy’s Morning Star of Ex-Wife’s Frosty Stare to a +2 weapon and turn its Frost Strike ability into an encounter power. Instant upgrade!



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