The Quest to Dolor

Something something something

Something something slaughter etc. The wizard and the cleric said sayonara, and a new cleric, a fighter, and a druid joined the rogue on his epic quest. Went through some bushes, disarmed a lock, and fought your way into a tomb. XP totals:

For surviving the bladethorn bushes and picking the lock, each member of the party gets 250 XP
For defeating the monsters, each member of the party gets 463 XP

Miffed at the loss of his totem, Varis scoops up the residuum left behind by the Dweomer Eater, all 13,360 GP worth.

You have (collectively) all the +1 gear I told you about last time…IIRC, it was a +1 mace, +1 chainmail, +1 scale male, +1 greataxe, +1 hide, +1 leather, and +1 shortsword. Make sure you are not encumbered. Anything you can’t carry must be left behind. Don’t count money as part of your encumbrance because that’s annoying. You may carry 10x your strength. Look at pg 214-222 of the PHB for more details. Everyone should have a standard adventurer’s kit, but with torches instead of sunrods.

The pile of bones in the corner of the room had some things of value among it: A +1 totem, a pouch with 1700 GP in it, and a worn Survivor’s Belt…which was obviously of little use to the wearer in this deadly cave. Any armor he could have been wearing has been devoured by rust monsters already.

Survivor’s Belt.
Property: You roll two death saving throws and take the higher result.



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