The Quest to Dolor

Escape through the sewers

I’ll write stuff up here later.

For defeating the monsters, you each gain 600 XP.
The wizard received 150 GP worth of arcane ritual reagents from Sam.
After rummaging through the gooey pile of half-digested rats, human bones, and poo that was once the Black Pudding, you find a glaive. The pudding’s digestive juices have partially eaten away its blade, leaving it rough and jagged.

+3 Jagged Glaive (two-handed heavy blade, reach, 2d4)
Enhancement: Attack and damage rolls.
Critical: Ongoing 10 damage.
Special: This weapon scores critical hits on a 19 or 20.

You find some gold coins as well. They’ve been partially eaten away by acid, but what remains of the gold is worth 800 GP.



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