The Quest to Dolor

As Stealthy as a Marching Band

The party elected to re-enter Angelhold by scaling the wall using the magical Rope of Climbing. Unfortunately, Glader completely botched his assassination attempt on the guards at the top of the wall, clumsily driving his short sword directly into his target’s reinforced back plate, and alerting a tower full of guards.

Fortunately, Drizzt was able to cast a portal immediately bringing the party to the top of the wall. Jack laughed and said, “Don’t worry, fellows. I’ll handle these louts!” He leaped into the fray, easily fending off blows with his large shield, and delivering blow after blow with his trusty scimitar.

The guards were a poorly trained lot, and barely managed to scratch any of the party members before falling in the battle. The last remaining guard begged for his life to be spared, and they let him go.

They arrived a little while later at the dwelling of Jack’s cousin, Marc of Angelhold. Marc warned the party that, now that Kyne would doubtlessly know of their presence within the city (after all, who else could have so easily slaughtered his watchmen?), the would have to make their way through the city in disguise. “That means you’ll have to leave your bulky armor behind and can’t carry any weapon bigger than a dagger, because the guards will be looking for armed men. But here, you’ll want these.” He gives the party four sets of hooded robes and four quarterstaves. “Make sure I get these back. Keep the hoods on, and you shouldn’t be noticed…oh dear, I didn’t notice you brought a tiefling along. Those horns will stick out like a sore thumb in this part of Onar. Here, you’ll need to use this instead of the robe, Drizzt.”

The party has received
Two magic +2 hooded robe (cloth armor).
One magic +3 hooded robe (cloth armor).
Special: The robes grant +3 to bluff and +3 to stealth while equipped by any race except for dragonborn and tiefling.

One magic +2 lady’s frock (cloth armor).

Four magic +2 quarterstaves.

One lady’s headdress and make-up kit.
Special: When equipped in conjunction with the frock by any race except dragonborn, grants +4 to bluff and +2 to diplomacy.

The party looted 800 GP from the fallen guards’ corpses.

Each member of the party gains 450 XP from defeating the enemies.



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