The Quest to Dolor

Something something something

Something something slaughter etc. The wizard and the cleric said sayonara, and a new cleric, a fighter, and a druid joined the rogue on his epic quest. Went through some bushes, disarmed a lock, and fought your way into a tomb. XP totals:

For surviving the bladethorn bushes and picking the lock, each member of the party gets 250 XP
For defeating the monsters, each member of the party gets 463 XP

Miffed at the loss of his totem, Varis scoops up the residuum left behind by the Dweomer Eater, all 13,360 GP worth.

You have (collectively) all the +1 gear I told you about last time…IIRC, it was a +1 mace, +1 chainmail, +1 scale male, +1 greataxe, +1 hide, +1 leather, and +1 shortsword. Make sure you are not encumbered. Anything you can’t carry must be left behind. Don’t count money as part of your encumbrance because that’s annoying. You may carry 10x your strength. Look at pg 214-222 of the PHB for more details. Everyone should have a standard adventurer’s kit, but with torches instead of sunrods.

The pile of bones in the corner of the room had some things of value among it: A +1 totem, a pouch with 1700 GP in it, and a worn Survivor’s Belt…which was obviously of little use to the wearer in this deadly cave. Any armor he could have been wearing has been devoured by rust monsters already.

Survivor’s Belt.
Property: You roll two death saving throws and take the higher result.

Escape through the sewers

I’ll write stuff up here later.

For defeating the monsters, you each gain 600 XP.
The wizard received 150 GP worth of arcane ritual reagents from Sam.
After rummaging through the gooey pile of half-digested rats, human bones, and poo that was once the Black Pudding, you find a glaive. The pudding’s digestive juices have partially eaten away its blade, leaving it rough and jagged.

+3 Jagged Glaive (two-handed heavy blade, reach, 2d4)
Enhancement: Attack and damage rolls.
Critical: Ongoing 10 damage.
Special: This weapon scores critical hits on a 19 or 20.

You find some gold coins as well. They’ve been partially eaten away by acid, but what remains of the gold is worth 800 GP.

As Stealthy as a Marching Band

The party elected to re-enter Angelhold by scaling the wall using the magical Rope of Climbing. Unfortunately, Glader completely botched his assassination attempt on the guards at the top of the wall, clumsily driving his short sword directly into his target’s reinforced back plate, and alerting a tower full of guards.

Fortunately, Drizzt was able to cast a portal immediately bringing the party to the top of the wall. Jack laughed and said, “Don’t worry, fellows. I’ll handle these louts!” He leaped into the fray, easily fending off blows with his large shield, and delivering blow after blow with his trusty scimitar.

The guards were a poorly trained lot, and barely managed to scratch any of the party members before falling in the battle. The last remaining guard begged for his life to be spared, and they let him go.

They arrived a little while later at the dwelling of Jack’s cousin, Marc of Angelhold. Marc warned the party that, now that Kyne would doubtlessly know of their presence within the city (after all, who else could have so easily slaughtered his watchmen?), the would have to make their way through the city in disguise. “That means you’ll have to leave your bulky armor behind and can’t carry any weapon bigger than a dagger, because the guards will be looking for armed men. But here, you’ll want these.” He gives the party four sets of hooded robes and four quarterstaves. “Make sure I get these back. Keep the hoods on, and you shouldn’t be noticed…oh dear, I didn’t notice you brought a tiefling along. Those horns will stick out like a sore thumb in this part of Onar. Here, you’ll need to use this instead of the robe, Drizzt.”

The party has received
Two magic +2 hooded robe (cloth armor).
One magic +3 hooded robe (cloth armor).
Special: The robes grant +3 to bluff and +3 to stealth while equipped by any race except for dragonborn and tiefling.

One magic +2 lady’s frock (cloth armor).

Four magic +2 quarterstaves.

One lady’s headdress and make-up kit.
Special: When equipped in conjunction with the frock by any race except dragonborn, grants +4 to bluff and +2 to diplomacy.

The party looted 800 GP from the fallen guards’ corpses.

Each member of the party gains 450 XP from defeating the enemies.

Delinquent Taxes

Lord Kyne was quite impressed with the party’s clearing of the monastery and offered them another job—go collect taxes from a village that had been delinquent. This would come with a reward of a 15% discount in Angelhold shops. Kyne dispatched his mercenaries along with a squad of enforcers to make the village pay up and arrest the village elder. When the party arrived, the elder told them that they had been looted by Kyne’s men only two weeks before, and that they had nothing left except the seed corn and a few goats, barely enough to get them to the next season. As it turns out, Kyne had dispatched his men with standing orders to kill everyone in the village and burn it to the ground if they failed to procure anything. As the screams of women and children sounded forth from the huts, the rest of the party convinced the paladin that the slaughter of oppressed people wasn’t worth saving some cash on fancy new armor. Guildenstern’s icy heart thawed just a bit, enough to engage Kyne’s cavaliers in combat, anyway.

The battle ended with the squad’s commandant escaping on horseback, doubtless to warn Kyne of the party’s treachery. The party found Guildenstern in a small gap between two houses lying lifeless, wisps of smoke rising from his charred skin.

The village elder thanked Glader, Ziggy, and Drizzt for rescuing him and his people. “Although,” he remarked, “if your foolish companion hadn’t deafened his ears with his lust for money, perhaps more of us would have survived. Well, I won’t be worrying about him any more.”

The party explained that they were just passing through, and took the job from Kyne to try to make a little coin.

“Well, since there’ll be a price on your head, I’ll tell you this: Kyne’s no friend of the city, nor of the people in the outskirts. We’re supposedly paying taxes for protection, but these thugs come loot us whenever they please. And the protection is awful! Why, some sort of huge creatures had been stealing our goats at night until just recently. And I’ll wager that Kyne’s ‘protection’ had nothing to do with the end of that problem, either!”

“No, the only person Kyne is a friend of is Morris Thornhide. Those two are as thick as thieves. Or rather, they are thieves. Thornhide runs the only caravan through and along the mountains, and Kyne makes sure he’s got no competition—whether by law or intimidation, it doesn’t matter. And half the time, your goods never make it where they’re supposed to.”

“And have you seen the state of Melora’s temple in Angelhold? It’s a disgrace! The last five regents didn’t appoint a priest, and Kyne’s no different. And the stories are this land was more fertile back in the days when the monastery was properly maintained and the city paid its respects. Can’t hardly grow anything now, just scrub and brush-corn.”

“Look, thanks for saving us, but we’re in a world of trouble now. Fortunately, Kyne’s almost emptied the city’s treasury and can’t field a proper army. But these bands of brigands and pirates he hires as ‘law enforcement’ are no joke. However , if we’ve got advance notice they’re coming, we can muster enough protection from the other villages that they’ll find some convenient excuse to not engage us. It’s not like a common thief considers Kyne someone worth dying for. We’ll make it worth your while if you can sneak back into Angelhold and send us word if something’s happening or find a way to frustrate Kyne’s plans.”

For defeating the enemies and rescuing the villagers instead of murdering them, the surviving members of the party each get 600 XP. You should all be level 10 now.

The party looted 2000 GP from the corpses of the enforcers. And in his haste, the commandant dropped a Bloodthirsty Scythe. This fearsome weapon has the following stats:

Class: Two-Handed Simple Melee (heavy blade)
Enhancement bonus: +3
Damage dice: 2d4
Proficiency: +2
Crit bonus: 3d10 bonus
Special: Gains an additional plus 1/plus 3 attack/damage bonus vs bloodied targets.

The Witherling Factory

After clearing out the sanctum, the party heard screams coming from the crypts below. In the crypt, they found a pile of corpses that seemed to be tainted by some evil. In fact, they were some kind of abominable construct that radiated out an aura of pure death. Even more horrifying was that every time the evil mass of blood and bone was struck, a witherling would emerge out of one of its many orifices. The party valiantly fought the animated corpse-pile, standing its ground even when it sprouted legs and tried to maneuver for advantage. The paladin, in retribution for having spent half the fight encapsulated in stickly, bloody slime, immobilized the abomination with a challenge from Melora, allowing his friends to finish it off.

A few of the monks, including the abbot, had locked themselves at the far end of the crypt, and emerged after the corpse pile had dissolved. “Alas,” said the abbot, “I fear it will be many years before we can rebuild our community from the remnants these foul creatures left behind.” When asked about the corpse-pile, he explained that one of the gnolls had been carrying an large, glowing gem which he dropped in the middle of the floor, where the other gnolls dropped the remains of the monks they were eating. Upon digging through the filthy, stinking corpse-pile black, cloudy fragments were found which the party concluded must have been the gem—doubtless shattered upon the abomination’s demise.

When the party mentioned they had been sent by Kyne to clear out the monastery, the abbot’s face darkened. “Kyne? Why, he’s been after…no, but why would he…I suppose he hates monsters less than Melorans…Well, what are you gawking at? My brothers and I have burial rites to attend; I suggest you get back to Angelhold.” And with that, the abbot clearly lost interest in saying anything more to the party.

Upon your return, Lord Kyne says, “Thank you, now that monastery can be put to proper religious purposes.” He rewards you with the princely sum of 2500 GP, and four golden, gem-studded medallions identifying you as paragons of Angelhold (each of them has a value of 250 GP). “Oh! And I see you’ve got a new paladin with you. He looks a bit bloodied. I have just the thing.” He writes an order to the armory and seals it. When you visit the armory, you will receive a suit of +3 Darkforged scale armor, emblazoned on the chest with the crest of Angelhold. Once per day as a minor action, the wearer of this armor gains resist 6 to all damage until the end of his next turn.

For defeating the monsters, the party gains 870 XP.
For completing a quest, the party gains an additional 600 XP.
For distinction in combat, the cleric and the paladin each get 100 bonus XP.

Retcon! Those +1 throwing knives now become a pair of +1 daggers.

Clearing Out the Vermin

The party made their way through a collapsing hallway into the inner sanctum of the monastery. Fortunately, the Drizz’t was able to use some of his magic to keep about half of the length intact. Unfortunately, Glader had rushed on a bit too far ahead, and found himself surrounded by witherlings. This particular group had a couple nasty, brutish horrors that laid waste with their long claws, although they went down rather easily once the party gathered themselves and was able to focus fire on them.

Somehow, the rogue managed to survive the onslaught, and his companions joined him. After he remembered to put on his enchanted leather armor, he actually didn’t do so badly. And if he had remembered those +1 throwing daggers, he might have done even better. They eventually beat back the undead and slew a Spriggan spellcaster that had been overseeing the herd. The cleric was knocked unconscious in the battle, but had the good fortune to be stabilized by the rogue.

The party found 1400 GP on the Spriggan’s corpse. They gave 400 GP to the wizard to compensate him for his reagents and divided the remaining 1000 evenly among themselves.

For defeating the monsters and surviving the collapsing hallway, each party member gets 500 XP.
For using a curtain rod to keep his mark, the Paladin gets 10 XP.

For spearheading the assault, the rogue gets 20 XP
For repairing half the hallway, the wizard gets 20 XP.
For healing the rogue of his slavering canker infection, the cleric gets 10 XP.

Half-devoured corpses litter the area. It appears the gnolls were after little more than food and a place to use as a den.

Current XP totals:
Ziggy: 18432
Glader: 18487
Drizzt: 18472
Paladin: 18330

That's no monastery--it's a battle station!

The guard outside was finally defeated. The party, feeling confident in their abilities, elected to press on and cleanse the nameless monastery of the evil that had overtaken it. The dragonborn paladin that had assisted them earlier left as a new hero approached. His name was Gildenstern, and he had come to avenge the death of his brother, Rosencrantz.

Except Rosencrantz was recovering from Slavering Canker at the monastery.

But Gildenstern was still full of holy rage, so the party stormed into the monastery. Unfortunately for them, the gnolls had placed a ward on the interior door, which blew up in their faces. Undaunted, the heroes continued to spill the blood of gnolls, spriggans, and one particularly large, angry skeleton.

Assuming, of course, skeletons feel anger.

It turns out the spriggans had trained at the Mahntchesther Eukneited school of wizard-kicking, and set about punting Drizzt around the room, smashing one steel boot after another deep in his rectum. The wizard exploited up one of his most well-honed, daily practiced abilities, and clenched his bleeding anus tight enough to stanch the flow of blood and survive.

The rest of the team, of course, noticed no difference in the tiefling’s behavior.

After finally separating the last spriggan’s body from his head, the party discovered a chest in the side room. The chest has a gnoll corpse lying next to it, the lock destroyed and the deadly trap clearly sprung. In the chest, the party finds 400 GP and a Rope of Climbing. As a minor action, this 100-foot magical rope can scale along any surface by 10 squares. As part of the same action, it can be commanded to tie itself around any nearby inanimate object.

Looting the monsters’ corpses turned up four sets of leather armor, 8 sickles, four pairs of iron-shod boots, and a set of hide armor. While nothing is notable about them, they could at least be sold for a little spending money.

Exhausted, and suffering from a bout of Slavering Canker, the party barred the door and decided to turn in for an extended rest.

For defeating the monsters, each party member gets 450 XP.
For distinction in keeping his dailies rocking, the cleric gets 25 bonus XP.
For extreme backstabbery, the rogue gets 10 bonus XP.
For surviving the most wicked ass-kicking onslaught of all time, the wizard gets 15 bonus XP.
Hi, new guy! The paladin gets 10 bonus XP.

A well-fortified entrance

The party stopped at the chapel to heal their wounds. They paid the monks 300 gold to resurrect the paladin (conveniently lifted from the his pockets) and took a badly-needed rest. The chapel’s guardian, Harkath, a dragonborn paladin, agreed to join them.

Undaunted by their earlier defeat, the party resolved to press on. The cleric was filled with a spirit of holy vengeance against these defilers of Melora’s temple, and the rest of the party was tantalized at the promise of the loot to be gathered.

However, the gnolls had other ideas. They cobbled together an army of witherlings, led by the beholder guard, to defend the door. The enemies fought mercilessly, but the party prevailed in the end. Drizzt destroyed almost all the witherlings with a single blast of flame, while Harkath shrugged off their inept attacks. The tide of the battle turned, however, when two gnoll guardians started beating the stuffings out of the paladin, while the beholder kept Glader and Ziggy Stardust at bay. Though the monsters felled the cleric, the paladin, and the rogue, they did not prevail. Drizzt and the remaining gnoll faced off, each warrior bloodied near the point of death. But despite his physical prowess, the fierce gnoll proved no match for the wizard, as Drizzt kept him at a safe distance with his ice spell. At the last ray of frost from the wizard’s hands, the gnoll slowly fell to the ground and shattered.

For defeating the monsters, each party member gets 510 XP. (George, give your paladin 510 XP.)
For destroying nearly every witherling with a single blast, Drizzt gets 25 bonus XP.
One of the gnolls was carrying a bloody, dinged, bent Circlet of Mental Onslaught, no doubt worn by one of the unfortunate victims in the monastery. This magical item grants a +1 bonus to Will defense. Once per day, as a minor action, it grant a +1 bonus to WIS, INT, and CHA attack rolls until the end of the encounter.

Crushed by Gnolls

The party arrived in Angelhold, where a corrupt tax collector attempted to fleece them of nearly all their gold. But after successfully bribing him, the party entered the city and sought out Lord Kyne. Kyne guessed immediately what they were after, and offered to help them in exchange for a favor. A paladin from a distant province had told him of a Meloran monastery, overrun by gnolls, whose occupiers were in need of a good rout. The party agreed to join him and defeat the unclean monsters.

Unfortunately, the party was dealt a ringing blow by the guards of the Meloran monastery. The paladin, underestimating the strength of the gnolls and their gazer leader, and blinded by holy rage, charged up the steep stairs, leaving the rest of the party behind. He was quickly surrounded, and between the fierce gnoll warriors and the side effects of the wizard’s attacks, he fell in the battle. Drizz’t and Glader fought valiantly to eliminate the last of the guards, but they too fell to the clubs and claws of the gnolls. The gazer cast a deep sleep on the cleric, allowing him and the remaining gnoll to make an escape. When the cleric awoke, he found that the paladin had bled out and died, although his two companions were still alive. Rousing them and gathering up the body of the paladin, they headed back to Angelhold.

On the way back, they noticed a small chapel of Melora near the road, where the priest offered to raise the paladin back from the dead for only 300 GP, since most of the reagents were grown locally by them.

For bribing the tax collector, the three original heroes each get 250 XP.
For slaying some of the monsters, all four heroes each get 350 XP.

The party’s escape was too hasty to loot the bodies of the enemies, so no treasure was found.

The Outskirts

As the party approached Angelhold, the land transitioned from desert to dry grassland. Suddenly, their magical pink unicorn mounts dissolved out from under them, due to a dome of Dispel Magic surrounding the city. The party tumbled to the ground, mostly unscathed, and headed toward the city on foot. A pack of witherling rabble had been chasing them, led by a gnoll Fang of Yeenoghu and a spriggan Witherer. The spriggan set the grass on fire and attacked them from relative safety, while the witherlings and gnoll tore the heroes apart. But by sheer force of will and with the help of a few summons, the party prevailed. The cleric nearly burned to death in the fire set by the spriggan, but Glader rescued him in time, aided by the Drizz’t’s ray of frost.

For defeating the monsters, each member of the party gets 457 XP.
For teaming up to rescue Ziggy, Drizz’t and Glader each get 45 bonus XP.
For not giving up after rolling like thirty consecutive ones, Ziggy gets 20 bonus XP.

The little spriggan was wearing a pair of Rogue’s Gloves. These gloves grant the wearer a +3 bonus to Thievery checks. Once per day, as a minor action, each time you make a Thievery check during this turn, roll twice and take the higher result.


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